Thursday, July 26, 2007

im done with this chemo stuff...

It's late for me to be up, but I wanted to let all of you know how I was doing. I went in on Tuesday for my 4th Chemo! I only have two more to go. I truely am reaching my limit. I had a very rough time emotionally and physically during my treatment and now after. Evertime someone asks me how was chemo I feel very nauseous and I ask them to not talk about it. I haven't really broke down and cried about all that I am going through not even a tear, but I sure have cried enough during this round!
A social worker woke me up during chemo on Tuesday and he was telling me about all the emotions one can feel during this time in there life, and I think I just gave in after that. I let this all become very really to me. This week my Mom had to leave to help my sister Jenny who lives out of town and I told my mom I would be ok. I realized how much I loved the help my Mom always gave me right after my treatment. This week I have been especially grateful for those that came and took care. Ok i am heading off to bed.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sunday Pics

Family photos!!!

The Wrath of Chemo!!!

Hello everyone! Here is the latest on what is happening with our lovely Alena. There are some great things and some not so happy and exciting things. Yesterday was Alena's third chemo treatment. She has been doing awesome, but the last couple of days before this treatment, she has been very tired. When we arrived at the hospital, she met with her oncologist, which is routine before every treatment. Alena was very tired, and her doctor was surprised to see her so tired. She looked at her charts and saw that her red and white blood cell counts were low. The doctor then proceeded to prescribe her two new medications to help her. Now Alena has to take two shots each week. One to raise her red blood cell count, and and one for her white blood count. Alena had been taking neupogen for her white blood cells, but that apparently hasn't been strong enough. This new one is as strong as ten neupogen shots. Chemotherapy is taking a little more of a toll on Alena. She still is smiling, and everyone around her is helping and supporting very well. She will get through this. The Lord is watching and blessing her daily. Our prayers our that these medicines, along with all the faith and prayers, will continue to raise her blood count and keep her kicking like the Alena we all know. I know that this trial is blessing her life and shaping her exactly how the Lord would have her grow. She is an example to us all, and this trial is also helping everyone around her grow. The Lord is showing his love to us all through these trials, teaching great lessons on humility and faith. Alena's family is being strengthened, and also her friends, and anyone who comes in contact with her. Today Alena is doing well. I forgot to mention that she walked out of the hospital yesterday, without the aid of a wheelchair(just the help of my arm). She is definitely taking it easier this time around. It's about time!! Heh heh. Lots of love to you all!