Sunday, May 11, 2008

Girlfriend Parties

Recently some of my girlfriends have been getting together a lot lately. I have loved every minute of it. Anne(in blue) had a party and I was only going to stay for an hour and I ended up being there till 1 in the morning. This was supposed to be my Home work night. All I did was a bunch of giggling! The next night when I was doing my homework I felt the affects of not doing the night before. I could not help but smile and think of 20 some year old girls laughing like 13 year olds! I had a blast and finished my school work and took my tests with out a problem!
Yes, so school is out and I am ready for the summer!
I have lots of exciting hopes and dreams this summer. These are things that I love to do and didnt get to do them last summer. So I am excited to have energy and the ability to do some of the most simple things!I am so excited to do all of them...
Paint landscapes with my sister
practice the piano(I cant for the life of me play the left hand)
have a beautiful garden new job? spend time with my family
go hiking go camping have free time! read play at the river and lake
Possibly visit family in Ohio for a few weeks.....yeah I have to look into that. I am a little strapped to work for health insurance. I have to do some research to see what I can do. Life is good!