Monday, January 7, 2008

Our new friends

L.A. was a trip for family, relaxing and new friends. These wonderful people in these pictures are the Stolworthy's. I met Shelsi online a few months ago while being sad because my hair was not growing back after chemo. While searching on the web for some hope I came across Shelsi's face in a google search. We corresponded via email and I felt that I needed to go down and visit her and her husband Eric. Sam and I woke up
Thursday morning to start our drive out to their house. We had a great time sharing pictures and stories. We went out to eat, Trader Joe's and to yummy frozen yogurt. Eric came home from work and then the girls went to work in the kitchen. I had a great time cooking with Shelsi and I enjoyed that the men were having a good time talking in the other room. I am so proud of those
men for their incredible courage and faith in caring for us women. They both have stood next to us and helped us feel beautiful and strong through our individual journey with cancer. We all enjoyed out meal together and after dinner it was time for memorable photos. We took the nice ones and then went to town with Shelsi's wigs. We laughed so much while we entertained one another with funny faces and attitudes. I have had just an incredible time being friends with Shelsi. I know that the Lord wanted us to be friends. There is no doubt about that. My friend Hilary knows a friend who is connected to Eric's family, who kept telling Hilary that Shelsi and I should talk, but by the time that Hilary told me she had already made the connection that she was the girl that I found online. It has been amazing to speak with her and read her path and her understanding of this life. I want to give a big THANKS to Shelsi for her strength and courage. It inspires me and helps me understand my savior more and what I had to go through. I look forward to being life long friends with the Stolworthy's. Sam and I enjoyed their company so much and we wish that we could live closer so that we could be around each other all the time.

A pretty Sam

For some reason every time I see Sam in a wig it make me laugh beause it looks like the hair goes with him. It cracks me up. So, this is by far my favorite picture of Sam. We had so much fun playing while Shelsi and Eric

The master piece

Here is our sand castle. We named it the blood flow of england. It was fun getting sandy and playing like kids.

The beach day

Sam, his mom and I went to L.A. this past week and had a great vacation. It started off by going to his Aunt Bethanie her husband and two kids, Max and Lily. We went to the a wonderful place to eat called Taco Loco and then went to the tie pools. We saw some cool things in tied pools that I have never seen before. We saw a sea hare and an octopus!
We built a huge sand castle and left after dark.
It was so nice to take a break from work and relax before school starts next week.