Thursday, September 13, 2007

So, here is a little update....which I believe the rest of my bloggs may just be little. I am going in for Surgery on October 13 for a single mastectomy. May I say a disclaimer....... Chemo was easy to talk about but from here on out I am feeling private. Phone calls to my home are always welcomed and thank you to all who enjoy checking up on me and seeing my progress.

This picture always reminds myself to shine and to never forget who I am...but there are times in my life where shinning is hard and I love that this is ok. I know that I dont have to shine alone. When I am feeling dark I know my savior will rekindle what I have lost and together we will shine my brightest. REMEMBER he didnt expect us to get it right every time thats why he came. He loves and understands my weaknesses more than myself more than anyone. I love my savior so much. Its funny to think that he understands what a 23 yr old feels like going through breast cancer! Isn't that the coolest! Well, everyone how bright is your candle today? I know I needed some shinning.
Ohh..also, I realized how much the savior allows us to lean on each other. That is one thing I believe he would love us to learn. That it is ok to have a hard time and lean on one another. I have a new insight on "Love one another as Jesus loves you." I can morn with someone over my loss and this person can be the physical love the savior wants me to feel. Before, I didn't understand the importance of morning with those who morn. But, I am sure grateful for all those who have listened to me and have helped me be positive. I have felt my saviors love for me through those conversations. THANK YOU for saving me in my time of need.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

My Dear Dr. Hui

This is my oncologist, Dr. Hui. Our little chat on Wednesday was a little emotional. I had been down a little bit with all the unknown. She tried to reassure me that I just have to have faith and that each patient has a different story and I need to just pay attention to my own body. I wish there was a way to predict what will happen through statistics, but studies show they can't tell you your outcome because of others outcomes. She explained it a lot better than I could but that is what she told me. It is normal for cancer patients to feel afraid after chemo when the Dr. says goodbye... hope the cancer doesn't come back!
Well my next step happens on Wednesday. I have an appointment with Dr. Bodai. We will discuss all the options for surgery. I believe it will be mid October. I really don't have any other answers or other updates to tell you all. This chemo has treated me really well. The last one was very hard, but I have hardly felt a difference from Monday to today. I have slept a lot which is probably one reason I am doing well. Prayers really are helping me be strong and having faith in them makes it even stronger. Thank you all for helping me see how the Lord works in our lives to bless us. I really have been blessed to have the health and strength to get through this because of all the prayers. Thanks you so much! My faith in surrendering my will to his has greatly enlarged. I have really enjoyed learning the lessons I felt I needed to learn to be a stronger witness of Christ. I will let you all know more next week after my appointment.


This is my nurse pumping me full of the drug I HATE adriamycin. Do you see how red it is! Oh I can't even talk about it.. Too much information, but I am gagging. I'm so glad I don't have to do that again.

Anti- chemo girlfriend day!

Before the dreadful chemo I ran way to Monterey with Amy Patterson to see my dear friend Hilary and her little babe. Here Amy is about to attack a wild pigeon who is trying to eat our food! And Hilary is looking at me weird because i was telling them to look fierce. "Hilary, Amy look like you are going to get the bird--get them!!" Yeah I think they are too sweet for that!

The Monterey story.......

Brennen had a fun time getting the birds and his self . We were very entertained!

Hilary showed us where the baby sea otters live. This was very cute to see all of the otters interact with each other.

Holy-Moly! It was cold and windy. I thought I would be reading books, basking in the sun, writing in my journal, having quality conversations with my girls and It was not this kind of day! Amy and I are hamming it up here, well... really at one point I'm sure we looked like this as the sand was blowing all over us from under the umbrella.

Here we are enjoying ourselves at the beach. We got over how cold it was and played anyway. It was very nice to spend the day with my girlfriends.

Ahhh... chemo tomorrow how dreamy!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

It's here! The last chemo

In just a few hours I will be doing my last chemo!! I will be happy to report the information the oncologist gives for the next step. This is getting exciting! I know that I will have surgery sometime in October; i believe. I cant believe the summer is almost over and I am on my last chemo. Life has just gone by so fast. Thank you all for checking up on me. I will hopefully be feeling up to telling you what is going on with in the next few days.