Friday, July 4, 2008

Pesto Presto!

HAPPY 4Th of JULY!!!!!
I had a fantastic day so far. This morning I went to the annual Tri-Ward breakfast and played with my family and talked with old friends.

After my sister and her family came by to pick blackberries and do some touch ups in the garden. Some deer have been coming in and eating my tomatoes! I have yet to taste my delicious heirloom tomatoes and I and beginning to wonder if I will this year! Last time I had a garden i had a huge fence around it.

After that I made some Pesto! I have never done this before and i have been so exctied to make pesto with the basil I grew. I will place some more pictures of my garden. Most of it was grown from seed. A few of the tomatoes were from the nursery. There is nothing better than eating what you have grown. How about you? Any of you have wonderful gardens?


Angel and Cameron said...

Yumm! Isn't fresh pesto the best!!

the Wiest family said...

HUGE garden Woosers! Good Job-- I love how domestic u are becoming. Call up my mom when u want to make pies and homemade bread, -she'd love it! You are the cutest. Keep those deer out, I want a tomatoe

Anonymous said...

Sara Haas-Medakovic says:

Hey Alena-I am proud of you for choosing such a healthy life-style, and for growing your own garden! I have a's called Trader Joe's. Hahaha

ash said...

I love your garden! I have garden envy!!! And yum, im going to try that pesto recipe!I need help!!!! The ants that are in my garden are crawling all over my zucchini palnts and Im affraid that they are going to eat the new flowers on the plants! I heard that sprinkeling pepper in the dirt helps, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Sara, you're so funny. Gr/Gr